Tebhaga Sketches and Wood Engravings by Somnath Hore
December 1946, at Rangpur, North Bengal

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A bullock cart, common means of transport
A sharecropper village
Peasant huts
A school for sharecroppers' and peasants' children
A woman with her child
A volunteer
Jamshed Ali
Baburi Burman
Harvesting paddy
Reading 'Swadinata' at Bargachchha
Listening to the speeches
Wood engraving: thrashing grain
Collective harvesting
Wood engraving: At the night meeting
Wood engraving: a peasants' hut
Wood engraving: the night meeting
Thrashing grain
Wood engraving: a procession bound for Satibari in protest against jotedar tyranny
Wood engraving: discussing Tebhaga
A participant at the night meeting

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